Wednesday, 17 December 2008

one small step, one giant leap

I recently joined Mobilise, a UK charity that promotes mobility for disabled people. I attended the council's Environment Cabinet Member Meeting last Thursday to see the minor policy u-turn on car-free developments.
Previously, the council had a blunt policy such that all residents in some buildings in Controlled Parking Zones were banned from having a residents parking permit. This prevented disabled people getting one too.
Now, blue badge holders can get them.$$ADocPackPublic.pdf


Over 20 members came to the xmas dinner in shoreham on monday dec 8th -- it was lovely to see everyone there in the long table -- the landlord was very good to us in everyway --
if there are any pictures, i can put them on this blog --

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

somethink about strokes

I noticed a council document --
Draft Physical Disability Strategy 2009-2012 – involving stakeholders --

it mentions somethink about

To develop local slower stream rehabilitation opportunities for people leaving
hospital following spinal injury, acquired brain injury and stroke to facilitate
greater independence and a return to independent living.

which I don't quite understand.

It has some figures too:

In the UK, stroke is the main cause of disability. In the Brighton & Hove City
population, it is estimated that there will be 560 strokes per year. The incidence of
stroke increases with age and it is estimated that there will be fewer than 40 strokes
per year in those aged under 65. The total prevalence of stroke is estimated to be
4518, of whom 1450 will have a moderate or severe disability19. PANSI estimates
that in 2008 there are 46 male and 81 female Brighton & Hove residents aged 18-64
years who have had a stroke and require help with daily activities. These figures
are expected to increase slightly to 47 males and 86 females by 2015. In contrast to
stroke the age profile for other ABI shows a higher occurrence in the younger age

full draft is on

Any comments, views or contributions would be very welcome by 31 January 2009 to either:
Linda Harrington, Primary Care Trust General Manager, or
Karin Divall, Commissioning Manager, Adult Social Care

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


randomly googling, i find AphasiaNow, a "Website by aphasic people of working age" --
rather good, albeit a bit ageist -- we must link up -- and of course blatantly plagisiarising their ideas in a cut'n'paste frenzy....................

Sunday, 7 December 2008

STROKE news winter 2008

I got this seasons STROKE news (winter 2008) recently --

it caused me to research other clubs in this area and to consider funding matters....

Friday, 5 December 2008

Life after stroke -- QueenSpark

Life after stroke -- QueenSpark ISBN 0904733343

This 60 page booklet was written by a group of stroke survivors in 1993. We all have stories to tell, and soon we can put them on-line via this blog or otherwise....

alison lapper on the International Day of Disabled Persons 2008

Alison Lapper gave an inspirational speech on the International Day of Disabled Persons 2008. She was particularly vehement at the way social workers in Adur were implementing Direct Payments..............