Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November's meeting

8 members attended --
Bob and Maria will come to the next meeting on Dec 8th from 12 noon for drinks at the Sussex on Hove sea-front.
Roy will do sectary stuff plus money; he will attend a focus group about the internet and get £20 to do so, to be passed on to SASH; (cue for new web-site, see soon...)
Tea was served by Jean;
Tim and Julia did the mailing; (Card to be sent to Gordon)
Claudia told us of her involvement with the hospital trust;
Jeannette got some funds (£180) (horray!) for us;
The international day for the disabled is on 3rd Dec at the Dome.


last night's TV

was good..... esp. 12 mins into the start.....

Monday, 2 November 2009

further on next meeting

Hi ,
Just wanted to let you know about the next SASH meeting:

When: 2pm, Tuesday 10th November

Where: St. Richards Community Centre, Egmont Road, Hove

Why: Because only Jean, Roy, Julia & Tim came to the last meeting and we miss you!

What: Tea, biscuits and a chat.

We are running out of funds so no big Christmas Meal this year but we thought we could perhaps meet up for a self- funded drink at least! What do you think?

If you need a taxi and haven't got the taxi phone and account numbers ring Tim on 276695 or email

next meeting NOV 10th

next meeting NOV 10th -- usual place and time
All meetings will start at 2pm and will be held at:
St Richards Community Centre
Egmont Road
If you need a taxi and haven't got the taxi phone and account numbers ring Jeannette on 413759 or email

WHERE AND WHEN TO MEET, as we are running out of money