Friday, 31 July 2009

summer newsletter

‘Thank you’ to all Group Treasurers who have kindly returned their financial information to our Accountant
for inclusion in Speakability’s end of year Accounts 2008/2009.
Affiliated Groups that have not sent details of their finances for last financial year should do so as
soon as possible. It is a legal requirement for those Groups who are formally Affiliated to
Speakability. Please do this so that you are not acting illegally.
I have been greatly impressed with the way that Groups, families, friends and speech therapy teams have
added their support to our SPEAK ABOUT APHASIA MONTH Campaign. I have seen a huge variety of
picture menus and some terrific newspaper reports of your activities. We have also received a number of
cheques towards our new Group Development Fund. Well done and thank you very much!
The postcard campaign will continue to run until the end of March next year and I will keep you
informed of our progress. If you have not yet signed our Petition, you can do so on-line by visiting the
Speakability Website at
Please can I also take this opportunity to encourage all Groups to consider making a contribution towards
our fund to start new Aphasia Self-Help Groups. This is a voluntary donation which is given where
funds permit and in acknowledgement of help that you received when you were getting started.
As a result of the generosity of some of your Groups, we will soon be launching new Speakability
Aphasia Self-Help Groups in Southend, Plymouth, Southwark & Lambeth and Stratford-on-Avon.
There are many Affiliated Groups who have certainly had our help and support over the years but who
have not yet made a donation to help others. Please do consider whether you can help at one of your
future meetings.
I am also very proud to report that Janet Rockliffe has once again successfully completed the Barrow to
Kendal (40 mile) Walk to raise funds for Speakability. Janet has also become a User Representative on
the UK Stroke Forum Committee. The next Stroke Forum will be held in Glasgow from 1st - 3rd December
2009. If you would like more details and how to get cheap tickets, please contact me on 020 7261 9572.
I took part in a walk recently too – only 12 miles though! This was a Dog & Owner walk through the fields
of Kent. About 30 dogs led the way including my English Springer Spaniel called Scamper. We raised
£300 which will be used to start an Aphasia Self-Help Group in Sevenoaks later this year.
I look forward to meeting more of you as I continue my travels around our marvellous national network of
Groups. Do let me know if you are arranging a special event or activity and please continue to
send in your news.
Finally, please let Lindsey have all contributions for the next edition of GROUP TALK by Friday 23rd
October 2009. You can contact her by phone on 020 7261 9572 or by email:
With all good wishes,
Melanie Derbyshire – Chief Executive of Speakability

latest group talk

THE LASTEST GROUP TALK NEWSLETTER FROM SPEAKABILITY is in their web-site....this is a note from Lindsey

I hope you all enjoyed reading the last edition of GROUP TALK. Thank you very much for your news for the summer edition, which I have attached to this email.
The deadline for the Autumn edition of the newsletter is 23rd October, so please email or post your Group news and photos to reach us by then.
Please also feel free to call us at the central office (020 7261 9572) if you have any queries or would like to tell us your news over the phone.
Best wishes,

Lindsey Coleman
Aphasia Projects Assistant

Monday, 27 July 2009

update to word-press

word-press is a blog with separate pages -- i can run parallel blogs for a while until we choose.....
by the way, a few days ago while i was fiddling with blog, i deleted all the links!!
no worries, i will reinstate them in the new word-press blog...

TED talks about stroking: brain-chatter

rather nice talk -- i noticed it on the sunday paper observer july 26th -- the experience of struggling to stop shutting-down and/or releasing into a new world is vividly articulated -- i recall, in the hospital bed, trying to force the speech out from my mouth ---
and where can i get a disarticulated model of the brain like what she used to explain the stroke!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

NEXT MEETING is on Tuesday 14th July at 2.00pm

NEXT MEETING is on Tuesday 14th July at 2.00pm. It will be help as normal at St. Richards Community Centre, Egmont Road, Hove.


1. Decisions have to be made about how the group should be organised from now on. Attached is list of things that have to be done - not all by one or two people but by everyone who could help. Jeannette can no longer run the group for personal reasons and hopes that others will take over. She hopes to editor a Newsletter for people who live with aphasia in the area if we can raise the money and she will still stay in SASH and help out when possible.

2. Then: people with aphasia can tell us about your favourite holiday or the country, county, town that you liked the best. Bring a photo or memento.


Please let Jeannette know whether you can attend or not. If you need a taxi please ring her on 413759 or email her on

-1Jobs to be done to keep SASH going

1. Maintain records of membership - names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mobile numbers.

2. Think of something to do for each monthly meeting - speakers , conversations etc .

3. Write to members by post or by email telling them the date, time and event. Give my phone number or email addresses so that members can ask for taxis to the meeting.

4. Book taxis for members who ask for one to get to the meeting or event.

5. Make sure there is tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and milk for the meetings.

6. Try to think of events outside.

7. Make sure the meeting room is booked.

8. If the group is out for lunch/afternoon tea etc get a list of members who attending and book at café or wherever and book transport.

9. Try to thinking of a Christmas occasion - dinner or party etc.

10. Visit locations and see if will work and then ask members whether they can attend.

11. Attend and assist social events.

12. Attend monthly meeting.

13. Take minutes of meetings.

14. Welcome guest speakers and new members.

15. Find and attract volunteers (e.g. through other community groups, the Universities, Speakability Head Office, articles in the Argus etc).

16. Keep things going - discussing other Brighton group, Speakability etc for ideas.

17. Send pictures of group and interesting things the group has done to Speakability Head Office for the national newsletter.

18. Raise money to keep the group going.