Monday, 27 October 2008

books about being aphasic/stroked

on-going bibliography of books about having a stroke including references to aphasia:
the diving-bell and the butterfly by Bauby (1996)
the third killer by guy wint (1965)
still here by ram dass (2000)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

next meeting 11th Nov 2.30pm

The next SASH meeting is on Tuesday 11th November, at 2.30pm at
St Richards Community Centre
Egmont Road
Tim has organised a representative of Brighton and Hove Social Services to meet us. Tim explains what this will be about. He says:
"A senior member of the Brighton and Hove Access Point will be coming to give a short talk on the service they provide - the ‘single point of contact for new and existing users’. Although aimed at those living in the city, the range of services available may surprise some of you. If you live outside the City, don’t worry, most services, if not all, will be available throughout East or West Sussex.
Another reason for them coming is so they can experience first hand the problems faced by people with aphasia trying to communicate in a friendly supportive environment.
They would also like a member of SASH to attend one of their team meetings - any volunteers?"
That sounds like an informative meeting. PLEASE COME ALONG!
If you need a taxi or any other information ring Jeannette on 01273 413759 or email


Hopefully, we will be able have a Christmas dinner celebration on 9th December at
Royal George pub
Upper Shoreham Road
You would have to be there by 7pm at the latest.
SASH will be paying your dinner but you’ll have to pay for the drinks - sorry! There will be a three-course dinner with choices, of course.
Please let Jeannette know whether you can attend.
Ring her on 01273 413759
0r email her on
Let her know by Friday 7th November.
Come for a festive evening!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

a day at the dogs

Hove dog racing is the mail address for members

SASH intro

This is the first posting for SASH. We are supported by Speakability, the national charity dedicated to supporting and empowering people with Aphasia and their carers.