Tuesday, 10 March 2009


REMEMBER TODAY 2.30pm agm etc.

APHASIADISIAC event festival

les ballets C de la B
corn exchange MAY 6th /7th 8pm
Choreographed by Ted Stoffer
Aphasia - the inability to express or understand thought in spoken or written words.Aphrodisiac - arousing the mood of sexual excitement. - the tongue-tied inarticulacy of love.

Devised by choreographer and brilliant former Rambert dancer Ted Stoffer, les ballets C de la B's second Festival performance lifts the lid on the politics and private languages of love. Its impetus is our inability to express its complex and contradictory emotions. Using words, movement, music and physical props Stoffer's quintet of dancers and performers explores this universal experience to a live soundscape composed and performed by the cast itself. In a series of compelling vignettes, they encounter love's less exalted tropes - the illusions, the misconceptions, the denials, the disappointments - yet also the jubilation of true romance.Aphasiadisiac is the slap in the face of love - the stupid, ironic, dangerous things that make it an unfathomable fairytale for grown-ups.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bad Science with Ben Goldacre

Bad Science with Ben Goldacre
I went to this on Saturday 28th Feb -- very good
Ben Goldacre is a writer, broadcaster and medical doctor from the UK who writes the hard hitting 'Bad Science' column for The Guardian newspaper. This talk exposed the claims of scaremongering journalists, highlight quack health products, get behind the facade of pseudoscientific cosmetics adverts, and laid bare the evil of multinational pharmaceutical corporations, as well as focusing on wider themes such as the medicalisation of everyday life and the psychology of irrational beliefs.
It also promoted his book -- when I got it to sign it, he wrote "pass this on someone who really needs it" or , in fact, "give this book to someone who disagrees with you."

AGM Tues March 10th @ 2.30pm

The next meeting is the Annual General Meeting.
It is held on Tuesday March 10th at 2.30pm and it will meet at St Richards Community Centre, Egmont Road, Hove.
1. Reports: Chair
2. Election of committee.
3. Future ideas and offers to help the group grow and make more interesting.

Please come to this very important meeting.
If you needs transport please ring Jeannette on 01273 413759 and she will book you a taxi. ALSO, please let her know if you are unable to attend this meeting