Friday, 24 April 2009

try sports therapy

Frances tells us of a Sports therapy masseur who is well worth visiting:

mr thomasz nowak
sports therapy/ masseur
16 malvern street
hove bn3 3yr
mobile: 07765698214

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A boards and obstructions on the highway

It will be interesting if the council bite the bullet and outlaw "A" boards and obstructions on the highway in a proper way, such that the disabled do not have to wend their way through chicanes in the pavements in Brighton and Hove......
Improvements to Access on Public Highways Pavements
Licensing Committee (Non Licensing Act 2003 Functions)Friday, 24th April, 2009 3.00pm

Sheila McKechnie Awards

Please find attached information about the 2009 Sheila McKechnie AwardsProgramme and the Social Inclusion Award specifically. The award provides bespoke support to new or emerging campaigners who want to become more effective. The application period is now open until Tuesday 30th June 2009. Application forms and further details about the Social Inclusion award areavailable on our website:
As you will see from the attached press release, the Social Inclusion award is for campaigners aged 18 and over who are campaigning in this field. We would be grateful if you could help us to spread the word about the award amongst your various networks. Please also find attached a flyer promoting the awards. If you would like hardcopies of the flyer for distribution then please just let us know how many and we will send them on.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Talking About Favorites

Good meeting this week, Talking About Favorites:

a photo taken by Mum of a beach beauty; a bird-lure from Afganistan; a biography-in-progress of Dad.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

next meeting APRIL 14th at 2.30pm

SASH April 2009
Please read the dates and the happenings in the next SASH meetings or outings!
1. Next meeting
The next meeting is on 14th April, 2.30pm, at St Richards Community Centre, Egmont Road, Hove.
Bring along an usual, interesting or favourite object and tell us what it means to you. There are often interesting stories behind our favourite things - a family heirloom, a piece of jewellery, a special present etc. Lindsay, from Speakability Head Office, will lead this session.
Lindsay will also tell us about ‘Speak About Aphasia Month’ Campaign 2009 - a campaign to encourage coffee shops to provide handheld picture-based menus. Hear about this and see if SASH can join in.
2. Meeting in May
On Tuesday 12th May, we will meet in the cafĂ© at the Wyevale Garden Centre at 3pm for a cup of tea and a cake after you’ve looked at the plants and all the things for the garden - and perhaps before you purchase those plants you picked!
3. Meeting in June
Roy is looking at the possibility of having the afternoon at the Bingo Hall in Kemp Town on Tuesday June 9th. Keep this date in your diary and we’ll let you know as soon as possible!
4 Decisions taken at the AGM
The last SASH meeting in March was the AGM. Jeannette, the chair of the group, and Liz, the volunteer and secretary, stood down. However, there where no takers to take on any positions so Jeannette is still doing some of the work for a while to keep SASH together and Liz is staying on as a ‘social secretary’. Is anyone able to help out, offering any of the jobs that have to be done - like taking over organising the tea and biscuits etc?
Melanie, the Speakability Chief Executive, attended the meeting and told us about the work Speakability is doing. She offered to find a new volunteer for SASH and will help SASH going.
5. If you need a taxi for the meeting in April and/or May please contact Jeannette by ringing 413759 or emailing