Wednesday, 22 December 2010

SEASONAL Year-end turn-over-moving-on

Sussex Aphasia Self-Help
Year-end turn-over-moving-on
Happy New Year

We send a warmest greetings to all of the group. Though we have had not many meetings, we will have a formal AGM in the New Year, plan new events and re-new friendships.

Roy has been maintaining the web-site, the accounts, secretarial functions and general chairing the group.

In the meantime, it would be good if members of the group were to contact Roy (see below) to confirm membership so that we can consolidate our membership and bring new members and friends together.

Our links with the Connect and the Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team has resulted in some of the group being involved in a local Befrienders Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to enabling people living with stroke and aphasia to support each other. Befrienders will visit other local people living with stroke and aphasia to support, encourage and help them re-connect with life

More details are on our web-site. There is a ‘Befriender Open Afternoon’ for potential volunteers in late January.

Contact details for Roy are:
4 Hendon St, Brighton, BN2 0EG
tel: 01273 689318
SASH web: